To get an indication of whether your project may be suitable for funding you can submit a short Expression of Interest form. If the proposal is eligible in principle you will be advised to go through the full application process.

You can submit an Expression of Interest using the online form below (click to open) OR download and return the Expression of Interest document at the bottom of this page.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement from the administration unit within three working days please contact us at 028 38313614


  • This form is an Expression of Interest for funding from the NIRDP 2014-2020 and does NOT constitute an application for funding.
  • The information provided in this form will be used to advise the applicant if they should:
    • continue with the application process
    • further develop the project idea
    • apply to a more appropriate funding body
  • If your project meets the general eligibility criteria for funding under NIRDP you will be requested to complete the official application form, which will be used as the basis upon which your project will be assessed.
  • The submission of an Expression of Interest form and/or the application form for NIRDP assistance may not be taken as an indication that the project will be awarded grant aid.


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Your Name*
Business/Company/Organisation Name (if applicable)
Type of work carried out*
Status of Organisation e.g. Sole trader, not for Profit
Your Address*
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Your Web Site Address
Project Location (if different to the above)
Please note: SOAR (ABC) covers Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council rural area.
New or existing business/group?
How many years in existence?
Annual Turnover? £

If existing, how many people are currently employed (including self)?

Full Time Employees
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Project Title*
Briefly describe the activities/items for which you are seeking funding (refer to relevant measure sheet) and, where appropriate, please give time-scales and dates for completion*
Proposed Start Date*
Proposed Completion Date*

How many jobs do you hope to create with this project?

Full Time Jobs
Part Time Jobs
Which NIRDP 2014-2020 measure would you hope to apply under?


First item for which funding is sought*
First item Total Cost (£)
Second item for which funding is sought (if required)
Second item Total Cost (£)
Third item for which funding is sought (if required)
Third item Total Cost (£)
Total cost of proposed project (£)*
Amount requested from NIRDP (£)*

(Note – A maximum grant rate of 50% applies for the private sector & social economy under RBI / 75% for community and voluntary sector, Council under other measures)
Please list amounts for any intended sources of finance for your project
Loan from financial institution (£)
Own revenue (£)
Other Grant Source etc (£)
Have you applied for, or received any other assistance or funding from 2010?

If YES, please state details, amount, and current status of funding application

Funding Body
Project details
Amount of grant aid awarded? £
Has the grant aid been drawn down?


The following are pre-requisites at the time of application. Please indicate your current position as an indication of your readiness to proceed to full application.

Business plan completed on agreed Rural Business Investment format
Registered for/attended a funding workshop
Written evidence of source of match funding
Evidence of project costs via quotations/tenders
Evidence of full planning permission in place (if applicable)
If applied, Planning Reference Number


I declare that the information given above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Check here if you accept these terms.

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Pre-application Funding Workshop

Prior to submitting an application, applicants MUST attend a pre-application funding workshop where detailed guidance on the application and assessment process, the grant aid available and the conditions of funding will be provided.  This will also be an opportunity for you to speak to a Project Officer about your project.

You can book your attendance at a Funding Workshop using the online form below (click to open) OR download and return the Workshop Booking Form document at the bottom of this page.

Please note mandatory pre-funding workshops will take place between 24th April and 28th April 2017. Please see the calendar for dates, locations and times.

(One submission per individual)

Your Name (required)
Name of Business or Community/Voluntary Group
Your Address
Your Email (required)
Your Phone
Your Mobile
Date and time of Funding Workshop registered for
Please note: SOAR (ABC) will provide confirmation of receipt of this booking form and confirm whether a place is available at the funding workshop. All attendees must ensure they register at the workshop when they arrive to ensure there is a record they have attended as this is a mandatory requirement of the Programme.

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What are the requirements at time of application?

  • You must be 18 years of age or over
  • You must have a business plan (Templates for Existing Businesses and applicants to Basic Services Measure can be found below in the downloads section.  Alternatively New Businesses can  Click here to see template for Business Planning advice and a template Business Plan)
  • You must have been recorded as having attended a funding workshop prior to application
  • You must have full planning permission in place (if applicable)
  • You must provide evidence of match funding
  • You must provide quotes to demonstrate the costs of the project
  • If you are a new business you must have complete the ‘Start a Business Programme’.

Please contact the SOAR (ABC) Office for advice.

How will the application be processed?

Once an application has been submitted, a site visit will be carried out to talk through your project proposal and to gather additional project information in support of your application.

Applications will be subject to an economic appraisal and checks with statutory agencies for eligibility and funding duplication purposes. The project will be scored by an assessment panel against set criteria and a recommendation will be made to the SOAR (ABC) Local Action Group who will make final funding decisions.

Timescales for application

Details of application calls will be available on the ‘News’ section of our website, advertised in local press or by contacting the SOAR (ABC) office. We aim to have applications assessed and decisions made normally within 12-16 weeks of the closing date on each call.

Journey of an Application

Applicant submits Expression of Interest and is advised on eligibility of project

Applicant attends pre-application workshop

Applicant submits application form and supporting documents
[This is completed online -link will be provided]

Site Visit and Eligibility check carried out by SOAR (ABC)

Application assessed and if successful approved for funding by Local Action Group

If application is successful a letter of offer is issued to the project and funding is awarded

Useful Documents / Tools

Are you investment ready?

To check out if you’re in a strong position to apply for grant aid these checklists may help point you in the right direction. Please note this is not a compulsory part of the application process this is just a simple tool to start you thinking of whether this type of investment is right for your business.

View these documents in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.